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Admissions - RH
Eligibility for Admission
We accept both member and non-member applicants. All applications for admission to the IOOF Home/Retirement Center shall be secured from the Director of the Home and, after completion in full, returned to the Director. After examination by the medical director for the Home; the Director shall determine whether the applicant should be recommended for admission on the Pay-As-You-Go System or on the Conveyed System. If the applicant is to be admitted on the Pay-As-You-Go System, he or she will be interviewed that day. The Director of the I.O.O.F. Home/Retirement Center may accept or reject any application for admission on the Pay-As-You-Go system, but his or her action shall be subject to appeal to the W. & O. Homes Board of Trustees.
Documents for Admission
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Conveyed System Application Process
No applicant for admission on the Conveyed System shall be admitted to the Home prior to approval by the W. & O. Homes Board of Trustees. PLEASE NOTE: Every precaution should be taken to insure that all questions in the application are carefully and clearly answered. If the application is incomplete, it will be returned to the applicant for completion. All forms in the application packet must be properly signed and executed. The applicant must be examined by his or her personal physician prior to being admitted. No applicant will be accepted into the Retirement Center until application has been officially approved and arrangements have been made to receive the applicant.

Independent Living Center
Because the Retirement Center is an Independent Living Center rather than a licensed assisted living or nursing home, all applicants must be totally capable of self care prior to admission. This includes but is not limited to: The ability to walk without the aid of a wheelchair, walker, or crutches. (A cane or quad cane is permissible.) Applicants must be able to bathe and dress themselves and take their own medication without supervision. Those who have been diagnosed with cancer or terminal disease are ineligible for admission. Alcoholics and drug addicts will not be admitted, nor will those who are of unsound mind.
Each resident is accepted on a ninety (90) day probationary period. At the end of the ninety (90) days, both resident and the Director of the Retirement Center will know whether he or she is able to function on a semi-responsible basis.
Pay-As-You Go
Members with less than 15 years continuous beneficial membership may be admitted on a paying basis. Pay-As-You-Go means you or your responsible party shall pay all charges and Grand Lodge/Rebekah Assembly shall not assume any financial responsibility. The Pay-As-You-Go System does not require the resident to turn over properties or assets and Grand Lodge/Rebekah Assembly of Texas shall not assume any financial responsibility for their care in this facility; resident maintains total control over all their decisions and financial affairs.
Conveyed System
Members who have attained the age of 60 years with at least 15 years continuous beneficial membership, next preceding date of application, and the wives of such members who have attained the age of 50 years, are eligible for the conveyed system. Wives who are not members can be admitted on the convey system only with their husbands.
To be eligible for the conveyed system, the Odd Fellow or Rebekah member shall turn over all properties, assets and monies to The Grand Lodge of Texas and The Rebekah Assembly of Texas. This shall be placed in the resident's reserve fund and used for his/her care and expenses. All reserve fund accounts shall be handled by the Grand Lodge office. If the funds of the resident under the care of the Grand Lodge are depleted during his/her stay, Grand Lodge will assume the financial responsibility of care with the Grand Lodge/Rebekah Assembly's financial liability limited to the cost of the resident's room and board charges, the resident's prescription drug expenses, the resident's insurance premiums only and none other.